System reviews and solution sourcing

Leverage our procurement expertise to your benefit for a project that is delivered on-time, within budget and with the highest levels of satisfaction.

System Reviews and Solution Sourcing
Ideal Solutions Made Easy
  • Looking for a new Accounting or ERP solution?
  • Need help in deciding which one is the best for your business?
  • Or perhaps you’re in the process of implementing a new system?
  • Need help to ensure the solution provider delivers on their promises?
  • Or maybe you just have a problem that your current system doesn’t address?
  • Need to know what options are available to solve the problem?
Whatever your situation you have come to the right place.

Our company motto is: “Ideal Solutions Made Easy” and that is precisely what this service offers.  Take the guess work out of deciding which solution is best for your business.  We can help you determine the best solution for the job, within your budget.  If you are considering a specific software solution, we can help you to know its good points as well as its shortcomings, including how they can possibly be overcome.  We can help to communicate your needs to the solution provider in a way they understand, thereby eliminating costly misunderstandings.

No project or question is too big or too small.  In effect, partnering with MKANZ consulting you have a constant source of ongoing expert advice, working for your success.  

If we don’t immediately know the answer to any question, rest assured that we will do the necessary research and find out for you.  You can trust that we will always have your best interests at heart.

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Proven Process

This following simple flow chart illustrates the proven process we follow.

Our Methodology

After a brief system review and requirements analysis process to properly identify your needs, the key objectives are defined and documented, along with the process requirements and future growth plans that need to be met.  (Note:- This document can double as the implementation blueprint for whichever solution is selected)
Thereafter we strategize solutions. What this means is, we work with you or on your behalf in finding the ideal solution and then determine how best it can be implemented with the minimal impact on your operation.
Next we partner with you to implement the solution. The project is defined, planned and managed from beginning to end.   As we guide you through the process, you will know exactly what your commitments are as well as those of the solution provider.  We help you to know what the do’s and don’ts are, when implementing solutions, including the any hidden costs to watch out for. This aids in keeping the project on track and on budget. There is always resistance to change, so all the way through the implementation process, we help with change management.  The key to a successful implementation is properly identifying all who will be affected by the changes implemented, directly or indirectly, to obtain their buy in.  When everyone buys in to the process and understands what they need to do to ensure the project’s success, an implementation project not only runs smoothly with the least disruption, but also reduces the chances of budget blowouts.
On completion we provide you with the tools to measure the effectiveness of the solution in place; including whether the objectives been met, what the key performance indicators (KPI’s) are and how these can be measured.  This ensures you are able to quantify the expected return on investment.