Report Writing And Data Mining

Our report writing services can enhance your business intelligence.

Report Writing & Data Mining
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Almost all businesses spend time each month compiling financial or analysis reports in Microsoft Excel to track business performance, key performance indicators (KPIs), cash flow etc. Some Information Systems make this relatively easier than others.

Regardless of the system used, if you are spending hours or days repeating the same process each month, then you are wasting valuable time and resources.

These tasks can be automated with some excellent tools available locally, for example:

Sage Intelligence Reporting

This reporting tool makes it easy to quickly extract the information you need from your Accounting or ERP database for improved reporting across your entire business. It uses Excel as the report output engine, empowering you the user to render the report the way that suits your needs best. Once created, the reports can be automatically generated and emailed to designated people on scheduled basis or just uploaded to a server folder for general access. The reports can be configured to include drill downs to line detail so values can be thoroughly investigated.

Sage Intelligence Reporting lets you create readable, usable reports that make analysing data quick and easy. Improving the visibility of fiscal and other trends within your organization helps in making informed business decisions proactively.

Benefits of Sage Intelligence Reporting?

  • Time Savings
    Reduce redundancy, save time and money. Increase productivity with automated business reporting.
  • Flexible Reporting
    Analyse data in the familiar surrounds of Excel where you can make changes on the fly.
  • Improved Access to Information
    More people can have ready access to information as they need, paving the way for true collaboration and better decision-making across every department in your business.
  • Rapid ROI
    Sage Intelligence comes standard with numerous useful pre-defined reports,  so you can hit the ground running from point of installation, allowing users to obtain immediate value.  These standard reports are available for the following Market Leading Solutions:
    • MYOB Premier
    • MYOB Exo Business
    • Sage Pastel Partner
    • Sage Evolution
    • SAP Business One
    • Sybiz Vision
    • Sage X3
    • Accpac

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Sample Financial Report


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