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Do you need Excel Training? If so, you’re in the right place!


Excel and Sage Alchemex

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Need Excel Training?

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  • Discovering Excel

    Excel with Excel! “Gives self-taught Excel users a comprehensive all round knowledge of Microsoft Excel”


  • Excel on Steroids

    The course divided into 3 one day workshops covering specific topics in Excel. Classroom based or online.


  • Excel for Auditors

    Specialised course empowering auditors with the Excel skills required when analysing audit information.


  • Comments

    “Perfect course for participants (like myself) with only a basic grasp of the subject matter.”
    Simon Le Tissier  

Why choose MKANZ for your Excel Training?

In collaboration with Sage Alchemex, a leading developer of business intelligence software in Microsoft Excel, and the creators of the specialised Excel on Steroids training programme, we offer a training programme focused on key Excel functionality for powerful business reporting and decision-making. The training provided covers beginners and advanced users and includes version differences & updates for those who need to know what is new in the latest versions of Excel. Available for users of Microsoft Excel 2003 to 2013, this training can improve office efficiencies by up to 25%.

“Excel on Steroids” training will empower you to do things in Excel you never deemed possible.

How much time do you spend on Excel each day? 3 Hours? That’s 15 hours a week, 60 hours a month. Imagine if you were able to reduce this by 25% by working smarter, using methods you didn’t know about. That would save you 15 hours a month – 180 hours a year. Now you can really excel at work with the tools we will open up to you!

The courses are hands on workshops where the users apply what they are learning in exercises based on real life scenarios, making their newly acquired knowledge more practical and useful. The course material is aimed at directors, managers, and anyone else who uses Excel extensively in their day to day operations to either analyse data or produce monthly reports. Delegates will return to the office after the workshops with confidence in their new Excel skills, resulting in significant time-savings each month.

Course Benefits

Now available in Microsoft Excel 2013

Microsoft Excel 2013 is designed with a cleaner look and exciting new features that make reporting simpler and quicker, providing insights more rapidly for better business decisions. Some of the features to offered in Microsoft Excel 2013 include Quick Analysis, allowing you to quickly analyse your data into a chart or table, and Flash Fill, allowing you to instantly fill columns of data. The relevant new features have been included in Excel on Steroids 2013, which is now available as a classroom-based course and soon to be available online.

“Learnt a lot. We have had little training on excel previously, so was good to learn what everything was and how to use it”

“I will be putting more staff through this training & also the steroid course soon”

Desley Grant (Operations Manager)

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“I came to this course not knowing if I would learn anything of any real value as I consider myself a fairly accomplished user. What I found was a very well organised course conducted by a knowledgeable and professional presenter. This is a course I would recommend to any power-user looking at making better use of Excel tools or transitioning to a newer version of excel.”

Roland Chan (Finance Manager)