Business Process Engineering And Work Flow Documentation

Our Business Process Improvement services integrates the activities of people and systems to improve business operations.

Business Process Engineering & Work Flow Documentation
Business process improvement

A business process improvement (BPI) service typically involves six steps:

1. Selection of process teams and leader

Process teams, comprising 2-4 employees from various departments that are involved in the particular process, are set up. Each team selects a process team leader, typically the person who is responsible for running the respective process.

2. Process analysis training

The selected process team members are trained in process analysis and documentation techniques.

3. Process analysis interview

The members of the process teams conduct several interviews with people working along the processes. During the interview, they gather information about process structure, as well as process performance data.

4. Process documentation

The interview results are used to draw a first process map. Previously existing process descriptions are reviewed and integrated, wherever possible. Possible process improvements, discussed during the interview, are integrated into the process maps.

5. Review cycle

The draft documentation is then reviewed by the employees working in the process. Additional review cycles may be necessary in order to achieve a common view (mental image) of the process with all concerned employees. This stage is an iterative process.

6. Problem analysis

A thorough analysis of process problems can then be conducted, based on the process map, and information gathered about the process. At this time of the project, process goal information from the strategy audit is available as well, and is used to derive measures for process improvement.

Business process improvement

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