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Mike Abawat

“We are committed to enhancing our client’s profitability by delivering quality solutions and exemplary service.”
Mike Abawat (Principal Consultant)

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In a nutshell, we don’t sell software and we don’t develop it either. Rather we help you find the best software solution to meet your specific operational business needs.

Our in-depth understanding of businesses across multiple industries, coupled with our knowledge of numerous Accounting & ERP software solutions, ranging from Xero to SAP Business One, including many industry vertical applications & business intelligence tools, means we can either help you make the most of the systems you currently have or we are best able to advise you on which solutions are best for your business. You can also trust our advice is totally unbiased since we have no alliances or partnership agreements with any of the software providers, driving our recommendations.

Our team of experts will save you time and money, making the process of finding the right solution easy and painless. We will help you take the guess work out of every decision, and even make sure the software provider delivers on their promises.

And what's more, we can help improve staff efficiencies through specialised training on MS Excel, aimed at improving data trend analysis and financial reporting.

The Information Systems & Technology field is a mine field for businesses, especially for small or start-up companies. There are so many options to choose from and so many solution providers that it is hard to know what to choose and whose advice you can trust. Safely navigating your way through, requires the help of a truly independent consultant, who is on your side and who knows the field well. That is exactly what you get when you partner with MKANZ consulting.

Our software independence coupled with our comprehensive knowledge of businesses across many industries, and our intimate knowledge of Accounting and ERP software applications, really sets us apart. When you talk to us you get all the information you need, in an easy to understand format, all from one source.

Where else can you find people who are project managers, business analysts, software functional consultants, IT professionals and business mentors all in one. Since we better understand “geek speak”, we can quickly separate the right stuff from the “fluff” thereby ensuring you get what you are promised by the solution provider.

We derive the greatest satisfaction when we are able to add real value for our customers. Our company motto is: “Ideal Solutions Made Easy” and that is precisely what we offer. Take the guess work out of deciding which Accounting or ERP solution is best for your business. We can save you time and money and find the best solution for the job.

If you are considering a specific software solution, we can also help you to know its good and bad points, including how they can possibly be overcome. We can help you communicate your needs to the solution provider in a way they understand, thereby eliminating costly misunderstandings.

MKANZ Consulting specialises in helping NZ businesses make the most of the Accounting or ERP solutions they have, while also pointing out where improvements can be made or where better options exist.

We also help improve staff productivity and data reporting through specialised Excel training, thereby facilitating the decision making process.

Unfortunately there are no guarantees in this industry, because there are too many variables in every situation and the ultimate choice of which solution is best for your business rests with you. We simply point you in the right direction and help you to sift through all the mumbo jumbo, so you know precisely what you are deciding on. An informed decision is always better than a shot in the dark.

That being said we take pride in what we do and we don’t rest until we have made a positive difference in your business. We partner with you in your drive to achieve business success.

No company is too big or too small. The big guys often employ permanent staff to do what we do in their organisations so in reality our services are better suited to the small to medium businesses. Further our hourly rates are affordable for small businesses and extremely competitive in our field of expertise.

Our rates vary depending on the task and the service provided so it is best to ask this question of us in person. Suffice it to say that you will be pleasantly surprised by how affordable and competitive our rates are, whether that be for our Accounting & Booking services, Excel Training or our various business consulting services.

In most cases we charge an hourly rate depending on the services provided, plus a small site visit fee, to cover travel costs and time, when the services are provided at your offices. Excel Training is offered at a flat fee per course per delegate and this may vary if the training is provided onsite or offsite.

Some services are also provided on a flat fee basis and depend on the extent of the work involved.

From time to time we do as with all businesses. In addition, we offer specials to businesses that are members of the chamber of commerce. Please contact us for more information on these specials.

MKANZ Consulting respects the privacy and confidentiality of the information provided by you and adheres to the national privacy principles established pursuant to the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth). Please read our Privacy Policy carefully. We keep all of our customer’s information in the strictest confidence, only sharing that which is relevant to finding the right software solution with those that provide a solution. In all instances, specific details about your company and your personal name are not shared with a vendor or anyone else until you have confirmed with us that you are willing to engage with them further. Where particularly sensitive information is shared with us that needs to be protected further, we sign confidentiality agreements with these customers to ensure you are well protected.

We do not share personal information with third-parties nor do we store information we collect about your visit to this site for use other than to contact you further, should you request such, or to provide the services requested. Please refer to our Privacy Policy document.

Yes we do have many references and details will be provided on request. From time to time we also post customer testimonials to add further credibility to the benefits and value we bring.