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Welcome to MKANZ Consulting

Welcome to MKANZ Consulting

Whatever your situation or type of business you have come to the right place.

Ideal Solutions Made Easy

Ideal Solutions Made Easy

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  • Services

    From Accounting to Web Design, Business Analysis to Project Management, no task is too big or too small, we can help. READ MORE

  • Software Solutions

    From Xero to SAP Business One, we’ve implemented them all. We can provide solution advice best for your business.

  • Excel Training

    On or off site, our Excel Training courses can make a complete novice an accomplished user or even an Excel guru.

  • Report Writing

    Spend time each month compiling reports or analysing data in Excel. We automate the whole process and save you time. READ MORE

Why people choose MKANZ?
  • We take the guess work out of every decision.
  • Our knowledge of numerous software solutions and our software independence are our main points of difference.
  • Not having allegiance to any specific software company, you’re assured of getting truly unbiased advice.
  • We help you determine the best solution for the job, within your budget, as well as point out its shortcomings and how they can be overcome.
  • Our understanding of “geek speak” means we can translate ”techno mumbo jumbo” into meaningful terms you understand.
  • We help communicate your needs to any solution provider in a way they understand, eliminating costly misunderstandings.

Our company motto is: “Ideal Solutions Made Easy” and that is essentially what we do.